Extreme Martial Arts Center
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Why Choose EMAC
Officially Licensed Training

Extreme Martial Arts Center is the only school in the area affiliated and recognized by the Kukkiwon in South Korea, the international governing body for Taekwondo. Our students, instructors, and school are recognized and registered in belt rank by the Kukkiwon, giving our students get authentic and comprehensive instruction so they are guided and molded into the BEST martial artist.

Practical Application

Our martial arts program gives training in practical self defense appliactions, as well as competition level training. This ensures that our students have a balance in their learning, as well as the ability to think creatively when implementing techniques.

Inter-School Eligibility

If you should ever move away and want to continue your training, you can join any Kukkiwon affiliated school and your belt rank will uphold. The core training that we provide is consistent throughout any Taekwondo school that is overseen by the Kukkiwon.